IPV2000 second generation photovoltaic ion implantation equipment (2014 - 2017) omits quality analysis, uses belt level transfer silicon, eliminates costly phosphorus, and uses cheap solid phosphorus production capacity 1500-1700WPH.


High productivity Production

High productivity Production throughput of 1500 wafers/hour, matching the pacing of existing production lines

Small footprint

Small footprint 19m2 , including automation EFEM, fitting into space requirements of existing production lines

Low production cost

Low CoO Optimized beamline design, simplified wafer handling, and reduced con-sumables yield the same CoO as a POCL diffusion furnace.

Local China-based TQM manufacturing and world-class service

Kingstone was founded by a team of overseas experts who have many years of successful experience, developing several generations of sophisticated IC ion implanters. The team has devoted themselves to making world-class quality ion implanters in China!

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